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Policewoman Convicted of Hiding Fugitive – Sentencing Delayed Again

Montego Bay, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) – Policewoman Convicted: Mckoy’s News has received court information that the female Constable who was to be sentenced in the St James Parish Court on Tuesday, June 4th on charges of Harboring a fugitive, had her sentencing delayed until Friday, July 7th.

The accused Woman Constable Sharon Falconer, who was stationed at the Freeport station in Montego Bay, was arrested and charged in the year 2015 following a jail break incident which occurred at the station.

Reports are that in late 2015, two prisoners who were at the Freeport lock up escaped custody and an investigation was launched.

During the investigations, two male officers who were on duty at the time were suspended and placed under investigation.

Further investigations led the police to the house of the female Constable, where one of the escapees was discovered in hiding.

The Constable was taken into custody and later charged. She was found guilty and has been awaiting sentencing for some time now.

The presiding Judge was forced to put off the sentencing on more than one occasions,  after her lawyer pointed out that she had developed serious health issues and was being treated at the hospital.

The judge on Tuesday indicated that Friday was the final rescheduled day for her sentencing.

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