Policeman Son Killed, Police Teenage Son Murdered

Update: Was Policeman Son Killed in Montego Bay as Reprisal?

Jamaican News, January 11, 2018

Montego Bay, St James (Mckoy’s News)Policeman Son Killed: a police corporal was ambushed by gunmen who shot and killed his son in what is said to be retaliation for the shooting of a Montego Bay gang member. The private vehicle of the officer was sprayed with bullets and his son, a fifth form student of Cornwall College High School was shot in his chest and killed.

According to information Mckoy’s News received, the police corporal who assigned to the Traffic Division of the Trelawny Police Department, may have come under fire to remove him as a witness in a case where an alleged gunman is now on trial for murder. His personal car was ambushed by gunmen who jumped from the bushes in Irwin, St James as he picked up his 16-year-old step-son on Tuesday night, January 9, 2017.

The Grandville police report that the police corporal who was driving his private motor vehicle, arrived at the Meadows of Irwin and Tucker at about 9:35 p.m., to pick up his son who had just gotten out of a taxi he took back from bible studies in John’s Hall, St James. As soon as the policeman’s stepson approached his vehicle, explosions were heard coming from the surrounding bushes.

Three men then jumped out of the bushes firing at the police and his son while running towards the cop’s vehicle. The teen ran to take cover, while his father took evasive actions and returned fire.

Policeman Son Killed: The teen identified as Marc Williams, who was a student of Cornwall College was shot in the chest. He was taken to hospital where he died, however, his step-father was was unhurt in the incident.

The gunmen escaped on foot.

Mckoy’s News understands that the police corporal is a witness in a case now before the St James court in which he reportedly shot and injured an alleged gunman last year in Ironshore, St James.

The gunman is reportedly on trial for murder.

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