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Policeman Killed Identified – Soldier Shot Dead the Police Killer

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St. Andrew, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) – the Jamaican Policeman killed with his own gun on Constant Spring Road, near Merl Grove high school on Friday evening, April 28 has been identified. A JDF soldier reportedly shot dead the Police Killer, minutes after the policeman’s shooting.

Dead are Constable Leighton Hanson of the St Andrew North division, and an unidentified man who reportedly shot and killed the police officer.

Police reports in to Mckoy’s News are that, at approximately 3:50 pm on Friday, Police Constable Hanson and a colleague responded to a report of suspicious men lurking on the premise of the Rubis Gas Station, on Constant Spring Road. The officer attempted to arrest a belligerent man found on the premises of the gas station. The man manged to disarm officer Hanson of his service revolver, then the Policeman’s gun to shoot the police several times, in the head, back and chest areas.

A member of the Jamaica Defense Force (JDF), who was in the area saw the policeman killed and intervened. The cop killer reported pointed the gun at the him. The solider fired shots in the direction of the unidentified cop killer, hitting him.

The unidentified cop killer was taken to the Kingston Public hospital. He died while undergoing treatment.

Police Constable Leighton Hanson was taken to the University of the West Indies, where he was pronounced dead.

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