Police Warns Members of the Public to Beware of Purchasing Second-Hand Cell Phones

Latest Jamaica News, St James(McKoy’s News): The St James Police are now warning members of the public to beware of purchasing second-hand cell phones because they might be stolen.

According to one senior officer, when purchasing cellphones persons must be sure of the seller, and also the origin of the phone, as buying stolen cellphones is a criminal offense.

This warning comes in the wake of an incident which occurred at a popular phones shop in Montego Bay, a few days ago.

Reports are that a Hanover businesswoman had her cellphone stolen in the vicinity of the Montego Bay, Transport Centre, and she later received an email that the phone was being unlocked at a destination in downtown Montego Bay.

The police were summoned and they accompanied the woman to the location. It was later discovered to be a popular phone shop. The phone technician was accosted and he informed the police that a 15-year-old student brought the phone to him to be opened.

An operation was set up and the student was later seen returning for the phone and he was apprehended by the lawmen.

The parent of the teenager was called in and the matter addressed.

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