Crime: Police to charge Bike Show Promoters where 4 people were shot and injured

The promoters of the bike show where four persons were shot and injured in Rockfort on Friday are to be prosecuted by the Police.

Head of the Corporate Communication Unit, Senior Superintendent, Stephanie Lindsay said that charges are to be laid on the organizers of the event as these persons had applied for a permit to host the show but were denied by law enforcement officers.


“The police had even gone to the area and asked the promotors to remove their equipment from the location where the show was to be held,” said Lindsay. “All of this was done as the police had carried out their assessments and determined the area was not safe to host such an event at that time.” 

“The incident in Rockfort could have been averted if the promoters had adhered to the instructions of the commanding officer,” said Lindsay.

Police said based on information from the commanding officer at Rockfort they (police) got information that persons were planning on putting on the event at about 8:00 pm.

Police reported that several hours later they got information about the shooting and found out it was the same event that they had asked the organizers not to host.


Lindsay said police have gathered their investigations and are planning to arrest and charge the promoters.

Police said they have also gathered the names of criminals who carried out the attack and will be moving to release the names of these individuals immediately


It is reported that about 2.15 am, a number of patrons were at a bike show held at the intersection of Wareika and D’Aguilar roads when rival gangs clashed and began shooting at each other.

The people were sent scampering for cover during the trading of bullets.

As the shooting concluded, four people nursing gunshot wounds and have since been admitted to hospital.


The gunbattle was caught on camera.

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