Police Superintendent Says Videos on Social Media are Fake

Kingston, Jamaica (McN) – Head of the police Communications Unit, Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay addressed the rumored videos circulating on social media, that women are being killed in Jamaica for harvesting of their organs, as fake and not happening in Jamaica.

Superintendent Lindsay said the police have examined the videos, checked the police records and verified with the Jamaican pathologist – and have found this report of women murdered for harvesting of their organs for trafficking false. She states, report from the pathologist is that no human body has ever been received for post-mortem examination without organs.

Lindsay assures the public that all bodies the discovered by police were found with their organs.

Superintendent Lindsay says from analysis of the videos, what police have found is that these videos were altered to appear as if the incidents are happening in Jamaica.

She is appealing to anyone with information of this occurring in Jamaica to contact the police, they can do so anonymously, says Superintendent Lindsay, head of the police Corporate Communications Unit.

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