Police Shoot Officer’s Daughter

St. Catherine, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) – Police Shoot Officer’s Daughter:  A taxi cab passenger who was reportedly left wounded after an off duty policeman opened fire at the vehicle, is the daughter of a senior cop from the island’s traffic division.

Reports are that the police constable allegedly fired at the cab after he was struck by the vehicle.

The incident took place at about 5:30 am on Saturday along Bernard lodge road in Portmore, St Catherine.

The cab driver said he swerved to avoid a pothole, which caused him to hit the policeman, who was walking along the roadway.

The driver stated that, after realizing he hit someone, he stopped to assist the victim.

But the police constable, who sources say was in plain clothes, reportedly pulled a weapon and fired at the vehicle, resulting in, Chantal Allen, 19, being shot and injured. She was taken to Andrews Memorial Hospital.

She has been identified as the daughter of a Senior Superintendent of Police.

The accused policeman has been taken into custody and his firearm seized.

Indecom has since launched an investigation in the matter.

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