Hanover Double Murder, Hanover Businesswoman and Son Murdered

UPDATE: Police Seek One Voice Gang Leader in Hanover Double Murder

News Crime Investigator Henry Bucknor

Hanover, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) –  Hanover Double Murder: The Hanover police say they are now in search of a man who is known as “Blacks” and who is said to be the present leader of the One Voice Gang, in connection with the murders of a mother and her son in the community of Middlesex in the parish on Friday night, May 26th, 2017.

Investigators state that the accused, who recently took over as leader of the One Voice Gang which operates out of Diaz and the surrounding communities in Hanover, is considered to be armed and extremely dangerous, as he had engaged the police in shootouts on two occasions but managed to escape.

“Blacks” is been sought for questioning in connection with the murders of Juliett Grant, otherwise called Sharon, 43-year-old shop keeper and her son Romario Daley otherwise called ” Munchie, ” 24-year-old, both of Middlesex.

Hanover Double Murder: Reports are that, shortly after 8:30 pm on Friday, the mother along with her son and other family members were sitting on the veranda of their home in Middlesex.

The family were surprised by three men armed with High powered weapons who opened fire on the family, hitting Grant and her son to their upper bodies.

The other family members managed to escape unhurt while the gunmen made their escape in the area on foot.

The Kingsvale police were alerted and upon arrival the victims were rushed to the Noel Holmes Hospital where they were pronounced dead.

Mckoy’s News have also learnt that the man who is now been sought, took over as gang leader after the capture of the original leader of the One Voice Gang, Yasa James otherwise called “Fry Eye. On the Most Wanted Man list, James – Fry Eye was captured by St. Catherine Police in February.

Members of the Middlesex community say they are now living in fear as the mother and her son were murdered after they were branded to be informers. They further stated that they are forced to stay indoors at early hours each evening, as men armed with high-powered weapons can be seen patrolling the streets, as if they were police officers.

The police say they are aware of the gunmen and have since placed heavy detachment of police and JDF soldiers in the area.

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