Police Release Identity of Man Burnt Alive Over Death of 8-Year-Old Shantae Skyers

Jamaica Crime News, St Andrew: Shantae SkyersThe Red Hills police in St. Andrew, say they have now identified a man who residents accused of being involved in the gruesome murder of 8-year-old Shantae Skyers, and who was mobbed and burnt alive on Wednesday evening, April 17.

He has been identified as 26-year-old Miguel Williams, laborer of Sterling Castle.

One police related that, Williams who residents accused of playing a part in the death of the small child, was held by angry residents at a section of Sterling Castle, known as Bulla Level, where he was beaten, chopped and burnt alive.

A house which was occupied by Williams was also set on fire and partially burnt to the ground. The cooling down operation was carried out by firemen from the Half Way Tree Fire Department.

In the meanwhile, the two male suspects who were taken into custody on Wednesday afternoon, are presently being questioned at the Red Hills Police Station.

Shantae’s decomposing body was found in bushes in Sterling Castle Heights, Red Hills, St. Andrew, on Tuesday afternoon, April 17.

According to the police, an investigation was launched immediately following the discovery of the infant’s body on Tuesday, and they picked up the trail of the two suspects.

Reports are that, last Thursday Shantae left her home in Sterling Castle Heights and set out for school. That afternoon when she did not return home, her mother and father got worried and went in search of her.

It was confirmed by her grade teacher that she was in class that day and also several community members remembered seeing her at a bus stop in the community, and then on route to her home.

It turned out to be a painful five days for her family, who reported the matter to the police and then formed their own search parties, in search of 8-year-old, Shantae.

On Tuesday an all-out effort was made by family, community members, the St. Andrew police, a team from the Caribbean Search Centre, the police Canine Division and the Jamaica Defence Force led to the discovery of Shantae’s body.

The entire community of Sterling Castle had their hopes shattered and could not hide their emotions, after the body of the child was discovered beneath rubbles at a bushy section of the community they called Blue Hole.

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  • Say what my people. I can understand emotions running high. If you all knew he was the culprit why not acted b4 the body was found. Why didnt anyone go to the police and say they suspected the person had something to do with the disappearance. Now what about the 2 suspects in police custody. An innocent life could have been taken whilst the guilty go free. What a state to be in. RIP innocent one.

    • Hello but they wouldn’t know the girl was dead until they found her body so that’s y they attack after they found her so hopefully it’s not the wrong person yah

  • Am not into the vigalanti Justice, cause we can formed the wrong opinion which is Deathementual, while the criminals roam freely. This is my experience to date, from my mother Birth me to Date, I have not committed any serious crimes or a Police to tell me to move my foot to put his. Imagine I work hard and build my place, own my property who people in the area constantly molesting, and damage my property for reasons am not affiliated or knows anything about, and the Police pays scant regards to it or in their Investigations to my property which is going to cost me quite a bit of money for repairs, and the key suspects are roaming freely. The Police must communicate with VICTIMS as to where they are at with their investigations, and if there is any new information that they need to know, instead they left you like; Daniel in the Lion Dens. What they don’t know is that you investigate your own problems, watch, observed, and investigate then conclude the next steps. This is some of the reasons why certain crime statics are on the rise

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