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Police Refutes Claim Funeral Shot-up by Gang Members of Adjoining Community

Police Refutes Claim

Jamaica News, January 22, 2018                                                                                                                                                           

Montego Bay, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Police Refutes Claim: Investigators in the parish of St James are now refuting the story sent across by residents in Quarry, St James that armed gunmen from other communities invaded and shot up the funeral which was being held in the community on Saturday afternoon.

The lawmen reported that the shooting actually occurred when men who were actually at the funeral got involved in an argument with each other.

One police source said it was reported that immediately after the casket was taken from the church, the deceased Daniel Samuels reportedly approached another man and accused him of being involved in the death of the man who was being buried.

It is further stated that Samuels pulled a firearm and discharged several rounds at the other man shooting him to a section of his face.

Another man at the funeral intervened and while in the process of wrestling Samuels for the firearm several rounds were discharged hitting the female to her back and another man to his upper body.

The man in question who was trying to overpower the gunman was shot to his stomach and during the struggle, Samuels was shot.

The joint forces who were close by rushed to the church and seized the firearm. All six persons who received gunshot wounds were rushed to the Cornwall Regional Hospital where Samuels was pronounced dead.

Police Refutes Claim

Several mourners who gave the frightening flashback how they were forced to take cover in order to save their own lives and avoid been shot by two armed men who carried out a brazen attack on Saturday evening, pointed out to the media that the gunmen came from other adjoining community.

Following the incident, the joint military carried out several searches in the community and detained several men.

Meanwhile, our news team revisited the community on Monday Morning and residents told our news team that they were shocked to see this behaviour even when the men knew that the State of Emergency was in effect and that the military was close by.

Since the start of the year, a total of eight persons have been murdered in the parish of St James and this latest murder came shortly following a press briefing at the Soldier Barracks where the military hierarchy lauded the success made so far in the State of Emergency in St James.

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