Police Officers in Viral TikTok Videos Facing Disciplinary Action

A number of police officers are now facing disciplinary action from their superiors, for their alleged involvement in the new social media trend that involves uniformed personnel lip-syncing and dancing to dancehall artiste Skeng’s popular breakout hit, “Gunman Shift.”

The latest trend features footage of police officers lip-syncing the hit song while dressed in full uniform with their badge numbers exposed and armed with assault guns. In one video, two female cops were seen lip-syncing to a song promoting violence while wielding government-issued firearms. Under the Tiktok account @christophergordon666, another male cop was seen dancing without a gun in what seemed to be his living room.

Police Commissioner, Major General Antony Anderson stated during an online press conference on Wednesday that the police officers’ actions go against the expected behavior of JCF members.

He said the situation is made worse by officers brandishing firearms while listening to music that does not fit the JCF’s standards.

In recent times, several videos have been circulating on social media showing police officers dancing to dancehall music while exhibiting firearms, which include both rifles and handguns, among other things.


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