Police Officer Shot and Injured During Confrontation with Gunmen 

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Jamaica News, March 14, 2018 – Police Officer Shot and Injured                                                       

St Andrew, Jamaica News (McKoy’s News) – A police officer was shot and injured by a group of gunmen, following a gun battle which took place along a section of the Olympic Way Main Road in St Andrew on Monday, March 12.

Reports are that shortly after 8:00 am on Monday,  a team of police officers was on vehicular spot check duties at a section of Seaward  Drive, when they signaled the driver of a Toyota Fielder motor car to stop.  The driver refused to comply and sped away.

The police gave chase and noticed that the vehicle which had three male occupants was turning into Olympic Way.  Immediately as they turned, the Fielder crashed into another car which was traveling in the opposite directions, the occupants jumped out and brandished handguns. The police took evasive action and returned the fire.

During the gun battle which lasted over half hour, one of the police officers was shot in the regions of his leg.  The lawmen, however, managed to apprehend one of the men while two others escaped in the area on foot.    No firearm was seized from the gunmen.

The wounded cop was transported to hospital where he was treated and admitted.

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