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Police officer from Clarendon found dead on her birthday


A female police officer was discovered dead on December 27th at her Longsville Park, Clarendon home

The lifeless body of 32-year-old woman constable Natoya Bryan, who is assigned to the Spanish Town Police Station, was discovered minutes after 9:00 am by her sister after calls to her mobile phone were not answered. She would have celebrated her 33rd birthday Yesterday.

There were no signs of any foul play in relation to her death the police said. She has been a member of the police force for more than a decade.

It is however theorized that Bryan, who is very hypertensive, may have suffered a stroke and quite possibly had died on Christmas day.

As to precise time, she might possibly have suffered a stroke will only be determined when an autopsy is done.

It is understood that Constable Bryan left work for home around midnight Christmas Eve. Telephone records, which have become part of the investigation, indicated that her last conversation with family members happened about four o’clock on Christmas morning, a source close to the family said. Since then no one was able to make contact with her.

With the help of neighbors, the elder sibling managed to force her way in the house where Constable Bryan was seen motionless and still attired in her police uniform.

She was alone at home as her six-year-old son was spending Christmas with his aunt, another sister of Bryan because of her job which operates on a 12-hour shift system.

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