Spanish Town Now the Bloodiest City in Jamaica, Police Kills Gunman

Jamaica News, February 15, 2018

St Catherine, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) – The city of Spanish Town, in the parish of St Catherine, is one of Jamaica’s recent most known gun cities and the home of the notorious Clansman Gang. Over the past year, this city has been increasing in gun murders and gang activities. On Tuesday a gunman was reportedly shot and killed after gunmen battled it out with the police.

The gunman has not yet been identified by the police.

Police reports are that at shortly after 1 pm., on Tuesday, February 13, a set of gunmen accosted a police operation and challenged the law-men in a shoot-out while driving away from the cops. The police chased the motorcar which crashed into the St Catherine parish council building, located on Brunswick Avenue.

Then gunmen then disembarked and scattered.

The relentless law enforcement pursued their track; later one man was later found dead resulting from the gunbattle.

Spanish Town is the capital city of the parish of St Catherine.

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