Police Investigate Sudden Death of Child in Linstead, St. Catherine

A father and his female companion have been taken into custody by the Linstead Police as they lead a multi-agency investigation into the sudden death of 7-year-old Tiana Russell of New Works district in Linstead, St. Catherine, who was pronounced dead at hospital on Monday, June 28.

Reports from the Linstead Police are that about 1:30 a.m., Tiana was taken to hospital by her father, who reported that he heard her struggling to breathe. The child was pronounced dead shortly after. The Police were summoned and several marks – suggestive of abuse – were seen on Tiana’s body. The body and her home were processed.

The Police are working diligently to have an early post mortem as the investigation proceeds.

Meanwhile, another child who resides with the couple is currently in the care of another adult relative.

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