Police Impersonators Firebombed House in Westmoreland

Jamaica Crime News, Westmoreland: The Grange Hill police in the parish of Westmoreland, have now launched a manhunt for seven heavily armed men, who posed as police officers and firebombed a house in Grange Hill community on Monday morning.

Reports by the Grange Hill police are that about  2:00 a.m. on Monday, seven heavily armed men posing as police officers went to a premises located at Belle Isle district in Grange Hill.

The men were allegedly in search of a man known as “Orville”, and on approaching the concrete and board structured house, the occupants ran from the building and managed to escape unhurt.

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The gunmen then used Malatov bombs to ignite the house which immediately caught fire.  They then left the area on foot, followed by which, residents in the area summoned the police and the Fire Department.

It took the firemen several hours to cool down the blaze, which had already engulfed the house and destroyed it.

It is further reported that the gunmen continued a search for the man known as “Orville” followed by which they left the area.

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