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Police Force Flock Montego Bay and the Volatile  Areas of St James

St James, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News)Police Force Flock Montego Bay: St James police increased their presence in sections of the parish for the holiday, as promised by Montego Bay mayor Hon. Homer Davis.

As Jamaica’s murder rate soar, with St James having the highest tally of over 300 murders year to date, law enforcement has implemented revamped strategies in fighting crime in the St James.

An Increase in special operation police was deployed across the business district in Montego Bay and crime impacted communities including, Flanker, Glendevon and Granville.

Superintendent Gary McKenzie, head of Operations for the St. James division, confirm that the police is out in the St James community in numbers, he said they will be there going into 2018.

The increase in police presence was deployed on Thursday Dec. 7

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