Police Federation vows to use ‘whatever force is necessary’

The Police Federation says its members will send a strong message to criminals
as they express outrage at yet another brutal killing of a police officer. The
Federation says the killing of Constable Kemar Francis, Friday night in
Kingston, while on duty must serve as a wakeup call to law abiding citizens that
Jamaica is in crisis when attacks are made on police officers in the lawful
execution of their duty.
Twenty-seven-year-old Cons Francis of the Hunts Bay station was shot in the
head as he and other officers responded to a call in a gritty part of Kingston.
“The attacks on our members which has escalated in recent months shows the
denigration of law and order in our society, a society that sees criminality as
normal,” The Federation said.
Chairman of the Police Federation Detective Sgt Patrae Rowe says, Police
officers must defend themselves against these attacks using whatever force is
necessary. We are sad but will not cower in fear, we have a sworn duty to
protect our country and will use all resources to see justice done. The Federation
is expressing condolences to the family of the slain police officer.

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