Police Detain Female Promoter “Combo Boss” at Party in Waterford, St. Catherine

A female promoter was reportedly detained by police yesterday after she went viral on social media.

The promoter, who became known on social media as Kedesha, made a promotional video for an event in Waterford in Portmore, St Catherine, which went viral on social media and sparked several memes.

As of later last night the words “Kedesha,” “Waterford” and “Combo” were trending on social media site Twitter.

It as later reported by several news outlets that she was in police custody however there were no official reports from the police’s communication arm.

The police have been warning promoters of certain events that they remain in breach of the current provisions under the Disaster Risk Management Act in light of the COVID 19 prevention measures.

As such permits for parties and other similar events are not being issued by the police at this time.

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