Police Constable Gets Approval to Contest FLA Decision to Revoke Weapon

A district constable, whose licensed firearm was revoked by the Firearms Licensing Authority (FLA) last year, has been granted leave to seek to overturn the decision.

The high court judge, Justice Andrea Thomas, granted permission to the Constable Fenton Benny, to take leave and challenge the FLA’s decision before the Judicial Review Court.

This order was given following the application by Attorney Hugh Wildman.

Benny’s firearm was revoked following a renewal application, where, the FLA stated that Benny was not fit and proper to have a licensed weapon in his passion.

This was due to an assault case against Benny in 1999.

Benny contested this with the provision of court documents proving that the case was thrown out and the case did not involve a weapon.

The constable stated that he was not given a hearing before the revocation and said he was contacted by the FLA in May of last year.

This led him to apply to the Supreme Court through his lawyer for leave to seek a judicial review of the FLA’s decision.

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