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Ony 9 Months as Police Chief, Commissioner George Quallo Says Bye

Jamaica News, January 27, 2018

Kingston, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) – Commissioner George Quallo Says Bye:  Reportedly, the head of the Jamaica police force, Commissioner George Quallo set to leave the force in less than one week.

According to reports, the police chief will leave office on Thursday, and Deputy Commissioner Clifford Blake is to act as Commissioner of Police until a replacement is found.

He is currently on tour in the parish of St James, where the State of Emergency is operating; some say to wrap things up before saying goodbye to the Jamaica Constabulary Force.

Quallo who was appointed as Commissioner of the Jamaica police force just nine months ago in 2017, according to sources has allegedly come under scrutiny and fire from government security officials, including the National Security Minister. which Quallo has denied openly.

Police Commissioner George Quallo is seemingly taking an early retirement which is officially due in August of this year when he turns 60.

George Quallo: Early retirement is not an uncommon occurrence for heads of the Jamaica police force. George Quallo’s leave from the head of police force will be the fourth leader to leave this post in eight years. He replaced Dr. Carl Williams last April, who also took an early retirement.

Since in office as Police Commissioner, Mckoys ‘s News sat down with Quallo and had an insightful interview regarding Jamaica’s state of crime.

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