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Police believe body of missing teen Kiely Rodni found in California reservoir

TRUCKEE, Calif. — Officials made the grim announcement on Monday that the body discovered in a California reservoir by volunteer divers appears to be missing teen Kiely Rodni, who disappeared after a nearby party on August 5.

The Nevada County Sheriff’s Office said that the body is “more than likely” 16-year-old Rodni after a YouTube diver team on Sunday night said they discovered Rodni’s remains inside her Honda CRV submerged in the Prosser Creek Reservoir.

“We recovered the vehicle last night, we have located a decedent inside the vehicle, we believe it is our missing person, we have not been able to positively identify, but it’s more than likely,” said Nevada County Sheriff Shannan Moon.

“At this time, our commitment is to this family. It’s still a very active investigation.”

Officials confirmed the remains of missing California teen Kiely Rodni were found by a dive team in Prosser Creek Reservoir on Sunday.
Placer County Sheriff
Rodni’s remains were found inside her submerged Honda CRV.
Daniel McKnight
The Adventures With Purpose dive team was recruited to join the search for the 16-year-old by law enforcement.

Adventures With Purpose (AWP) — the dive crew recruited by law enforcement to assist in the search — found the 2013 Honda CRV that Rodni drove to a graduation party near the lake Sunday afternoon.

AWP divers said the license plate of the vehicle matched Rodni’s and that there was a body inside.

Rodni’s father, Daniel Rodni, at Prosser Creak Reservoir during the search on August 21, 2022.
Daniel William McKnight
Rodni went missing after a party in Truckee, California, earlier this month.

The car and body were found about 20 to 40 feet from the water’s edge near a section of Prosser Family Campground where the party was held. The area is known to locals as “The Sanctuary” and overlooks the Prosser Creek Reservoir.

Rodni was last seen at the park in Truckee, California, on Aug. 5 and had told her mom she would be leaving the party around 12:30 a.m. Aug. 6. Fellow attendees had reported that she had been drinking at the party.

Before Sunday’s discovery, authorities conducted an exhaustive, two-week-long search of the area via land, air and water.

At least three police dive teams had already searched the reservoir, but AWP said it used advanced sonar that detected the car upside down in about 14 feet of water.

“Police told us they did a rigorous search of this body of water,” said diver Josh Cantu, 31. “They gave us a grid map and made us confident we didn’t need to search here.”

After searching the rest of the remote town of Truckee, the private group of divers decided to look in the reservoir as a last-ditch effort. Within a few minutes of diving, team member Nick Rinn found a body in a car close to shore.

“I went down and did my inspection. I saw the vehicle upside down, verified the license plate and that there were remains in the vehicle,” Rinn, 48, told The Post Sunday. “Then I came out, we called the family and authorities and let them take it from there.”

The water levels in the reservoir had been higher two weeks ago during previous police searches, Rinn added.



SOURCE: New york post

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