Police Being Sought for Controversial Shooting in Spanish Town, Turn Self Over to Authorities

Jamaica Crime News, St Catherine: The Kingston police have confirmed that Corporal Kirk Frazer, the police officer who has been on the run over the past twelve days, and was wanted for questioning in relation to the shooting incident in Spanish Town, St Catherine, two Sunday’s ago, has now turned himself over to the local authorities.

The police officer who is attached to mobile reserve unit in Kingston, and who was linked to the shooting which resulted in two persons, including another policeman being shot and killed, turned himself in on Sunday afternoon.

It is said that Frazer is one of four cops involved in the controversial shooting, which started at a party in Chedwin park, where a businessman was murdered.

The shooting then led to high-speed chase between the vehicle in which Frazer and the other two cops were traveling, and another vehicle driven by an off-duty cop.

The chase ended at the intersection of Job lane, after the three policemen crashed into another vehicle which was traveling in the opposite direction, and which led to the driver of that car also being shot and killed.

Following the incident, the Independent Commission of Investigations (Indecom) have carried out an investigation into the shooting, where several breaches were detected.

Indecom detectives also stated that it comes as a shock to them to discover that Frazer and the other policeman who is also in custody were before the court on separate murder charges, yet they were still allowed to work as police officers.

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