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Police Asking Public’s Assistance to Identify Gunman Fatally Shot in Denham Town

Police Officer investigated for reportedly threatening individuals in St Bess
The Kingston police say they are now asking members of the public for their assistance to identify a man, who was shot and killed during a confrontation with a team of police officers, along a section of Marcus Garvey Highway, in Kingston, on Wednesday, April 17.
Reports by the Denham Town police are that on Wednesday night, a team of officers attached to the Denham Town police station were on patrol along sections of the Bustamante Highway, when they saw the unidentified male.
Upon seeing the lawmen approaching, the man brandished a handgun and challenged the police in a shootout.
The gunfire was returned and during the confrontation, the unidentified gunman was shot and killed. A  .45 pistol which was loaded with nine .45 rounds was taken from him.
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