PNP’s Standard for NE St Catherine is Oswest Senior-Smith

Jamaica News: Oswest Senior-Smith is the man the PNP has entrusted with the responsibility to wrestle St Catherine North East from the JLP’s Leslie Campbell.

Mr Senior-Smith was officially presented by the party president Dr Peter Phillips on Sunday evening at the Riverside Community centre in the constituency.

“Progress needs to restart North East like when Phyllis Mitchell was your MP” said Dr Phillips.

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The PNP president opined that the people of North East St Catherine handed victory to the JLP because they were tricked with false promises relating to the delivery of badly needed amenities such as water.

He has committed to putting the commodity in their pipes should his party form the next government. Dr Phillips said “You can’t have a place name Riverside and you can’t get water, you can’t have so many river and streams running in the area and have people carrying water on their head.”


By: Mckoy’s News Reporter

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