PNP spokesman calls mother’s death ‘awful tragedy’

Opposition Spokesman on Health,  Dr. Morais Guy, has described as an “awful tragedy” the death of a 23-year-old, shortly after giving birth, following a harrowing ordeal in the health care system.

Minister of Health and Wellness Dr. Christopher Tufton has also expressed deep regret and sadness at the incident that he says will be thoroughly investigated.

In his statement this morning, Dr. Guy who is a medical doctor said the operations protocol within the public health system for COVID-19 needs to be reviewed immediately in light of the death of  Jodian Fearon.

Woman dies after childbirth following harrowing ordeal
Woman dies after childbirth following harrowing ordeal

As McKoy’s News reported the woman died Friday night after giving birth at Spanish Town Hospital, St Catherine and following complications which led to her being transferred to the University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI).

The UHWI, Andrews Memorial Hospital and Victoria Jubilee Hospital had each turned her away after her doctor called on them to allow her to have her baby before Spanish Town Hospital facilitated her.

Dr. Guy said: “This awful tragedy drives home the painful reality of what is happening to ordinary Jamaicans in our health system,” Dr. Guy said.

In a release Sunday morning, Dr. Guy said: “the Ministry of Health [and Wellness] needs to immediately launch an investigation into this incident to ensure that no such patient ever suffers from that heartless action and that this death will not be in vain.”

He said further, the refusal of admission of this patient because of lack of preparedness for COVID-19, the fear of contracting the disease, or lack of space to a mother in active labour is unacceptable.

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