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PNP Gives Thumbs up to Joint Military Forces

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Jamaica News, January 31, 2018   

Montego Bay, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – The People’s National Party hierarchy on Wednesday say they have given thumbs up to the joint military forces in St James on the part they play in the recently imposed State of Emergency in the parish.

Chairman of the People’s National Party and Opposition Spokesman on security, Fitz Jackson stated that following Wednesday’s tour of several sections of St James, he and the other members of the party are very pleased with what they have seen and the feedback they have gotten from several community members.

According to Mr Jackson, based on what he has heard on the grounds, the residents are pleased with the way in which the joint military forces have been handling themselves throughout the State of emergency.

He further stated that a number of business operators voiced their concern that they are still not pleased with the time schedule in which they are being told to close up their businesses each night. Jackson said he will now be having dialogues with the opposition to see if further adjustments can be done to the business time factor.

Mr Jackson and the team started the tour at Greenwood which is considered the main security checkpoint in the parish.  They then moved on to the Coral Gardens police station where they were given a briefing by the police.

The touring Party then moved over to the Army Barracks at Flankers and then toured sections of the Flankers community along with Salt Spring,  Norwood and Mount Salem.

The Party made several stops and interacted with residents who gave their opinions on the State of Emergency and the impact it has been creating in their community.

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