PNP General Secretary rides his fancy bicycle round town

People’s National Party (PNP) General Secretary, Julian Robinson says he has been having fun riding all over Kingston, on his fancy bicycle.
The former Technology Minister posted a video interview on July 1, where he gushed about the grand time he has been having criss-crossing city Kingston with his friends, under Jamaica Moves fitness programme.
“We are just doing a ride around Kingston, a group of cyclists; some of them vary from proficient to amateurish.  It is a good way to get some exercise.   I have been riding for about 15 years so I came out,” Mr. Robinson who is also Member of Parliament for South East St. Andrew explained.
“It was organized by Jamaica Moves and I think it’s a good thing to encourage more people to get on their bikes.  I think one of the things we will have to do as a country is to have designated cycle lanes so we can encourage more people to ride versus drive,” he added.
Mr. Robinson said the treck across the city was an ideal way to enjoy the magic of Jamaica’s capital.
“We are just out here to have a little fun; enjoy ourselves, see the city.  It is always good to ride and see places that you wouldn’t see when you drive. Because when you’re driving you don’t have time to look at places… hopefully it will encourage more people to ride,” he said.
The post appeared to have inspired most of the MPs followers to also get active.
“I am going to buy a bicycle very soon and start to ride as well,” Devon Perry wrote.
“Big up Julian Robinson. Part of our obesity problem is a transport policy and planning problem which makes it unpleasant and dangerous to ride bikes or walk.  Let me know when you do this again,” another follower,” Ann Hodges wrote.
There was one commenter, however, who attempted to rain on Julian’s parade.
“So Jamaica Moves is a good initiative by Tufton?  Thought Dayton Campbell said he was the worst Minister ever,” Dennis Morgan taunted.
On a related post uploaded the same day, Mr. Robinson showed off images of himself riding alongside  Health and Wellness Minister, Christopher Tufton and taking a selfie.
“Yesterday I did a bicycle ride around Kingston, 17 miles,” he posted.
PNP General Secretary rides his fancy bicycle round town

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