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PNP Councillor’s Lawyer Questions 117 Gun Bust Consignee Connection

Miami, USA (McKoy’s News) – 117 Gun Bust Consignee: Reports quickly spread across the media that a certain councilor of the People’s National Party’s (PNP) former secretary was the consignee on the 117 gun and ammunition bust at the Miami International Airport, heading to Montego Bay, Jamaica.

The People’s National Party on Thursday night, Dec.7 issued a statement that the name listed as the consignee on the gun and ammunition seizure, matched that of a former employee of a PNP councillor.

Speaking with RJR talk show, Hotline, on Friday, attorney for that PNP councillor, Henry McCurdy, said the PNP party might have been premature in release of the statement linking the councillor’s former secretary.

He stated that the it is not confirmed if the name that appears as the consignee is the same as his client’s past secretary.

He said that the councillor was not contacted by any law enforcement agent about the massive guns and ammunition seizure at the Miami Airport destined to Jamaica.


Physical inspection of a container at the Miami airport revealed 2 rifles, 115 pistols, 2 rifles, 139 magazines, 103 rounds of 9 mm ammunition, 50 rounds of .357 ammunition, 50 rounds of .45 ammunition, 24 rounds of .40 ammunition, 40 rounds of .223 ammunition, 9 handgun back straps, 5 magazine parts, 3 pistol grips, 3 buttstocks, and weapons parts.

The shipment was due to be exported from Miami to Montego Bay, Jamaica via Caribbean Airlines flight and was scheduled to arrive in Montego Bay from Miami via Kingston.

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