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PNP Concern about Detainees in The State of Emergency    

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Jamaica News, January 31, 2018                                                                                  

St James, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – PNP Concern about Detainees: the People’s National Party Spokesman of Justice, Senator Donna Scott, on Wednesday told reporters that the party has great concern about the way detainees are being treated in the State of Emergency in the parish.

According to Senator Scott, she has been informed that the condition at the detention centers are below par and they will be addressing the situation.

.According to her, the People’s National Party supports the State of Emergency, however, the party is very concern with a number of official and unofficial reports made on the poor treatment given to detainees in the State of Emergency.

Ms Scott stated that they are now touring the communities and the detention centers which they will be paying close attention to. According to her, for the most part, they were told that residents have not been putting up any form of resistance and most have indicated that they welcome the State of Emergency.

On the tour, the Shadow Minister was over welcomed by females and she was informed by them that so far they are being well treated by the joint forces, apart from some minor incidents.

A number of women in Norwood and Mount Salem told the Shadow Minister and Hon Fitz Jackson that the youths in the communities have very good relationships with the security forces and they are prepared to work with them to make their community better.

The Shadow spokesman on Justice stated that the tour is also to determine if residents were, in fact, complying with the security teams.

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