A Shift in the Wind – PNP Changes Position on Venezuelan Issue

Socrates at Large – PNP Changes Position on Venezuelan IssueRecently I was at pains to remind the PNP and many of our supporters that the PNP was on the wrong side of the Venezuela issue. Many felt that because of the generosity of Venezuela we were bound to stand by the Government of Venezuela.  They could not have been further from the truth.

PNP Changes Position: Many formulated their position based on the thinking that Venezuela gave us free oil. No such thing. Venezuela gave us Discounted oil with some of the payments kicked down the road. So on the face of it, it appeared that we were OBLIGATED to stand by a despotic regime however brutal they are. Indeed at the outset, the PNP placed itself in such a position. I said here and repeated it in a conversation with Cliff Hughes that this position was misguided and wrong. Well days later, I must commend the party for making a hard shift in its position.

This shift is significant for a number of reasons. If he had anything to do with it, and I can’t see how he wouldn’t,  it represents the first major demonstration of the leadership of Dr Peter Phillips. I pause here to congratulate him. To many, this may be insignificant. To me and indeed to the people of Venezuela it’s a strong shift in the Wind. 

I would only hope now that Dr Phillips continues on this positive step and get into his leadership stride. Any minor shift in the PNP wind is a major shift from a direction that could only lead to self-destruction. 

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Contributed by: Socrates at Large

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