PM threatens to have tighter curfew measures due to new Delta variant| Hospitalization surges to 559 Patients

Prime Minister Hon. Andrew Holness has indicated that tighter COVID-19 prevention measures will be considered soon, following the confirmation of the Delta variant in several parishes in Jamaica.

Mr. Holness says Jamaicans are disobeying the COVID-19 protocols and as a result, the country is struggling with the presence of the new variant which could be blamed for the severe increase in infections.

“We are now at a point where the government has to consider even further tightening up because it is clear that the messages that we have been communicating regarding personal responsibility, (wearing of mask, social distancing, keeping and observing the curfew hours, limited movements [and] events) that these messages are not being heeded with great faithfulness;” stated Mr. Holness.

However, Mr. Holness highlighted that this variant poses a more fatal threat to individuals’ lives and the government will do everything to ensure that this virus is contained.

“However, there is also a clear and present danger. A real threat to lives, livelihood, and freedom if we are not able to contain this third wave of the pandemic outbreak of the corona virus and the COVID-19 disease that it causes in Jamaica;” the Prime Minister added.

He made this disclosure today at a ceremony at the Norman Manley International Airport following the arrival of a donation of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine from the US.

Meanwhile, there has been a significant increase in the number of persons hospitalized with COVID-19 in Jamaica. Admissions have increased to 559 patients, up from the recorded 494 on Tuesday with 36 of those patients being critically ill.

Also, 555 COVID-19 cases were confirmed from a total of 1098 samples yesterday. The COVID-19 positivity rate is now at 41.1 per cent.

The virus have claimed three (3) more lives, increasing the death toll to 1,342 deaths.

The latest case is comprised of a 60-year-old lady from Kingston, a 94-year-old man from St. Thomas and a 53-year-old Clarendon woman.


Natasha Williams- Mckoy’s News Senior Writer

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