PM Holness Calls Special Meeting

PM Holness Calls Special Meeting with Police Commissioner and JCF Hierarchy

(JIS) – PM Holness Calls Special Meeting: Prime Minister Andrew Holness yesterday (August 28) met with Police Commissioner George Quallo and senior commanders of the Jamaica Constabulary Force for an intense session on expectations ahead of the implementation of the Zones of Special Operations.

The meeting was held at the Office of the Prime Minister in Kingston. This is the second meeting with the high command of the force since last week.

The Prime Minister also addressed the senior officers at the Police Officers’ Club last Wednesday.

During the meeting yesterday, the prime minister emphasised that planning is critical to the successful implementation of the Zones of Special Operations.

“I have taken time to ensure adequate preparations are made before the first zone is announced. Use the process of law enforcement to exemplify proper policing. A key indicator of the success of the zones is that there must be no murders in the areas where you have control over,” stated Prime Minister Holness.

The prime minister said he understands the public sentiments in agitating for the zones to be implemented as safety and security must be restored in Jamaica.

“I hear the public outcry for the urgency of the Zones because murders are increasing and creating panic. So when we implement the Zones we must get it right,” stated Mr Holness.

In the meantime, Mr Holness stressed that the power of search is crucial.

“Go for the guns. Be very strategic. Get the guns. I can’t overemphasise the search strategy; search, search, search and do it politely. Build confidence in the community,” declared the prime minister.

The prime minister also responded to questions from the high command on the zones.

The Law Reform (Zone of Special Operations) (Special Security and Community Development Measures) Act was passed into law on July 14.

The Act gives the Prime Minister, in Council, the authority to declare an area as a zone of special operations.

The zones will be operated by a Joint Command of the Jamaica Defence Force and the Jamaica Constabulary Force. The prime minister, in Council, after consultation with the Joint Command, may request of the Parliament an extension of the zone.

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