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Pink Riddim a Total Flop! Liquid Sunshine Riddim Sparkles


While the songs on the Liquid Sunshine dancehall riddim produced by Montego Bay-based Good Good Productions are collectively racking up millions of views on YouTube, the Pink Riddim which was released at the same time by Kingston-based producer Delomar of RDX, is scoring very few hits in comparison.

In fact, truth be told, Pink riddim has been a creative flop. Most of the 11 tracks on the all-female Pink riddim are centered on sex, and vaginas, and very few are even fit for radio airplay.  Those who have voiced on the track include D’Angel, Macka Diamond, Pamputtae, Lisa Hyper, Yanique ‘Curvy’ Diva, Goody Plum, Tall Up, Raine Seville, Sasique, Pretty Devil, and Kim Weirdo.

Last week Delomar in an interview, defended the type of lyrics on the Pink riddim songs, claiming that based on the catalogue of artistes who make it big, females should sing about their vaginas more.  According to him, it “made financial sense” for the women to sing about their vaginas, because artistes like Spice have done so and gotten wealthy.

“If females in the industry sing bout them vagina and it work, perfect example, Spice sing bout her vagina and it work, she rich right now because of her vagina,” Delomar had told Buzz Caribbean.

But if the YouTube figures for the Pink riddim are anything to go by, the claim made by Delomar, does not ring true, as the artiste with the highest number of views on YouTube has been D’Angel, whose song is not explicit and which has only managed just over 21,000 views.

Macka Diamond herself, has only managed to amass just over 4,800 views of her Pink Pearl  audio on YouTube, while Yanique Fluffy Diva, whose x-rated song Say Anything centered on, among other things, her ‘hot body’ and the fact that she was having sexual intercourse with ‘pure don man’ only managed to scrape 9,000 views.

Lisa Hyper who released her song Smile, which is also not fit for radio airplay was only viewed by just over 4,700 persons.

In terms of the video medley which features Pretty Devil, Goody Plum, Raine Seville, and Pamputtae, the only artiste who has gone more than 10,000 views of the video medley since the rhythm was launched three weeks ago is little-known Goody Plum, who comes in with another sexually explicit song dubbed Tun Up.

Pamputtae’s X-rated song Hook features on the video, only got just over 5,000; Pretty Devil’s hard-core Run Things track only amassed just over 1,000 views while only managed just over 1,400 views.

While some of the women’s followers have praised them for coming together and voicing on one rhythm, the lyrics in the songs have not gone down well with some men who have viewed the medley music video.

“What ever happened to a woman having education, know a days these lady’s teaching the young girls use there body to get what they want.. That’s not looking good, nice song but I know y’all can do better,” Nellymotavition5 said.

Otis Berry and Mount Zion were caustic in their criticisms, dismissing the lyrics in the video medley as utter nonsense, especially following a myriad of complaints they made on entertainment show Onstage that they were being paid far less than their male counterparts for, among other things live performances and dubpates, and were not given reasonable airplay.

“So ladies a bawl fi exposure and spotlight and a dis dem kum wid?? same ol ghettoe recycled topics and rymes. kmt. be honest which of this trash wud u buy?? rewind and come again ladies,” Berry said.

“What a garbage medley turn up bleaching, turn up make, turn up hairs what a disgrace. Total lack of self esteem among the mother’s of nature,” Mount Zion remarked.

For his part, Maximum Satisfaction appeared jus as flabbergasted and disappointed.

This pink group no ready.. no wonder unu so bitter say uni not getting paid. unu no deserve a cent more. Only tallup, macka and angel a artist, the rest a poppyshow,” he said.

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