Phillips Should Step Down – Poll

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A majority of people in the country believe that People’s National Party (PNP) President, Dr Peter Phillips should step down from the leadership of the party.

According to an opinion poll conducted by Bill Johnson for Mello TV, 66 per cent of people polled said Dr Phillips should step down, 15 percent said “No” he should remain and 19 per cent did not know.

Among people who voted for the PNP in the 2016 elections, also 66 per cent said he should step down, 25 per cent said he should remain and nine per cent did not know.

The pollster said it is “very difficult to see where Peter Phillips is adding any value” to the PNP’s campaign for victory in the next elections. “At present, Peter Phillips is definitely a liability to the PNP,” Johnson said.

The pollsters also asked questions about who should lead the PNP at this time and compared the favourability of Dr Phillips and Mr Bunting, who failed in a leadership bid last September.

As to who should lead the PNP 28% said Phillips and 52% said Bunting.

In the favourability ratings, 34% said they had a favourable view of Phillips and 47 percent had a favourable view of Bunting. Twenty five percent said they had an unfavourable view of Phillips and 40 percent said they viewed Bunting unfavourably. Those not sure about the favourable view of the two men were 28% for Phillips and 26% for Bunting.

The polls and analysis were carried Tuesday night on Mello TV.

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