Persons Encouraged to Check Their Hearing Annually

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Jamaica News: The Jamaica Association for the Deaf is encouraging citizens to take care of their hearing by avoiding extremely loud noises and having their hearing checked annually.

“We recommend that persons test their hearing annually as we are exposed to high volumes of noise daily. Studies show that by 2050 most persons of this generation would have suffered some level of hearing loss,” Executive Director of the Jamaica Association for the Deaf, Kimberley Sherlock Marriott-Blake, noted at a JIS ‘Think Tank’ on August 21.

Mrs. Sherlock Marriott-Blake highlighted that persons often detect vision problems earlier than hearing loss, because they resort to increasing the volume of sounds when they find it difficult to hear.

“If after you take out your earphones there is a ringing in your ears or you’re hearing an echo when there is none, you should consider having your hearing tested,” she said.

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She noted that persons who eat a dairy-filled diet and are susceptible to ear infections as a result of sinusitis, should have their hearing checked, as such infections can result in hearing loss.

“Avoid sitting close to speakers when you’re at events and don’t place your phone alarm underneath your pillow,” Mrs. Sherlock Marriott-Blake advised, explaining that such activities can diminish a person’s hearing.

She said that parents should limit the amount of time toddlers spend using audio devices as this can cause early auditory damage.

“The smallest thing you should place in your ear is your elbow… .The ear cleans itself; however, using a rag to clean the external part of your ear is fine. When you use a pencil or Q-tip to clean your ear, you are pushing the wax further down and placing pressure on the eardrum,” Mrs. Sherlock Marriott-Blake noted.

Persons interested in having their hearing checked may visit the Association’s Hearing Clinic located at 9 Marescaux Road (Entrance on Caledonia Lane), Kingston 5 or call (876)926-7709, (876)926-7001, (876)906-6808.


Source: JIS News

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