COVID-19 Update for Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Percy Junior Hospital Nurse Died from COVID-19|13 more COVID-19 Deaths

A nurse in the public health sector died last night after battling with COVID-19.

President of the Nurses Association of Jamaica (NAJ), Patsy Edwards-Henry, informed a local news station that the nurse who had underlying comorbidities fell ill on Thursday.

The registered nurse was an employee of the Percy Junior Hospital, situated on the border of Manchester and Clarendon.

In the meantime, 13 more COVID-19 deaths were recorded, pushing the death toll to 1,254 deaths in Jamaica.

These deaths include:
A 58-year-old woman from St Catherine
A 32-year-old woman from St Catherine
An 83-year-old man from St Catherine

A 52-year-old man from Kingston & St. Andrew
A 55-year-old man from Kingston and St Andrew
An 84-year-old woman from Kingston and St Andrew
An 80-year-old woman from Kingston and St Andrew
A 60-year-old woman from Clarendon
An 88-year-old woman from Clarendon
A 74-year-old woman from Clarendon

A 58-year-old woman from Manchester
A 46-year-old man from St Elizabeth
A 50-year-old man from St Elizabeth

Also, the health minister reported that there has been a severe increase in the number of persons hospitalized with COVID-19. The minister today stated that 345 patients are in hospital which is a sharp increase up from 302 on Tuesday. This saw 69 of the patients being moderately ill and 35 were critically ill.


Additionally, there were 334 new cases of the virus from 859 samples, pushing the total number of COVID-19 cases in Jamaica to 55, 790.

A breakdown of the COVID-19 cases for the respective parishes is as follow:
Kingston and St Andrew – 82
Manchester – 40
St Catherine – 36
St James – 32
St Thomas – 27
St Elizabeth – 25
St Ann – 25
Clarendon – 24
Westmoreland – 22
Hanover – 9
Trelawny – 9
Portland – 2
St Mary – 1   

The positivity rate is now at 35.3 per cent.


Natasha Williams- Mckoy’s News Senior Writer.

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