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People Fleeing Montego Bay Due to the Killings, Residents Speak

St James, Jamacia (Mckoy’s News)People fleeing Montego Bay: Davon Crump, former president of the Montego Bay Chamber of Commerce says he is aware that people are leaving St James because of the crime rate.

Crump in speaking to a news outlet says that he had an employee who came to Montego Bay from Portland, but because of the crime situation he has decided to ” pack up and leave.”

Other business persons have reported that they have lost workers who became so scared by the violence that they resign and when back to where they came from.

In other media reports some say that even persons natives of the western region are now harbouring thoughts of running away to either other parts of Jamaica or overseas to escape the carnage.


A popular western Jamaica businessman remarked to the media “We are in a crisis and somebody in authority better wake up to this reality quickly.”

He highlighted the impact of the crime increase on western Jamaica’s business sector, stating that many businesses operating night shifts are thinking about cutting it out totally, because “workers are scared of leaving their communities at nights.”

Word on the street is that workers are scared of leaving their communities at nights for work.

The business man continued to say, we cannot continue to hear about “new security measures” being introduced, but still see people being killed daily. This is in reference to the security measures for Montego Bay that the mayor of the city, the prime minster and minster of security have implemented, amidst a continued obvious rise in violence and gun murders in western Jamaica daily.

A former security consultant told a western news paper that he too is taking his family away from Jamaica, “I am taking my family to Canada … I am not prepared to stay here and the next thing they kill one of my children,” he told the news. “Patriotism is one thing, but safety and security is another. It is better to be safe in another man’s country, than to stay here and be killed.”

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