Penn Badgley look-alike takes over TikTok, imitates creepy Joe on ‘You’

Watch out, Penn Badgley — a new look-alike is taking over the internet.

TikTok user Rico Lebron is re-enacting scenes from Netflix’s hit show “You,” where Badgley plays creepy stalker Joe Goldberg.

In his videos, Lebron has copied Golberg’s signature uniform of a hat and jean jacket and re-enacted some of his lines from the show, including, “Do you think this peach looks like a butt?” In the comments, he jokes that the video should be his audition for the show.

“You,” which reportedly drew over 40 million viewers on Netflix, follows book-lover Goldberg on his unconventional quest to woo the women he admires, including stalking them and murdering their friends. It’s both a thriller and a satire of rom-com tropes.

Talking to The Post about Season 1, Badgley said, “I feel like this show is asking some interesting questions. Joe is threatened by the physically impressive, brooding, somewhat predatory male archetype, because he’s actually quite sensitive. And the irony is, in his sensitivity and isolation, he ends up becoming a brooding predator himself, but completely unaware that he is.”

Rico also posted videos joking about his resemblance to John Mayer — which another character also mocked Joe about in Season 2 of “You.” It’s a whole “Inception” of celebrity look-alikes.

“You” will return for a third season at an unannounced date on Netflix.


Source: New York Post

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