Pedophile lawyer killed in broad daylight by an alleged hitman

SS the Showstopper
By SS the Showstopper

Someone was definitely out to have the pedophile lawyer killed, in broad daylight by an alleged hit-man.

Trunh Huynh, an attorney who worked with victims of sex trafficking and child abuse, was shot dead in the streets of Atlanta, police are saying the killer was a professional hit-man.

Trunh, age 40, who worked for free to help pedophile ring escapees who are seeking justice, was executed by multiple gunshots in Midtown, Atlanta during rush hour before the killer fled the scene.

It was said that the she was working ‘pro bono’ with abuse victims on several legal cases, involving high-level ‘elite-pedophiles’ and had a “take no prisoners” attitude towards pedophiles, regardless of their status in society.

It is revealed that someone or persons had carefully orchestrated the deed to have the pedophile lawyer killed 7:30 on Monday, April 3, as the execution was very calculated.

Police have arrested the alleged assassin, 39-year-old Raylon Browning over the shooting but, admit they have yet to connect the dots between him and his victim.

The suspect was arrested in nearby Cobb County after he was pulled over by traffic police for running a red light.

A spokesperson for the police said Browning was “unfazed” by the allegations.

“Huynh was an amazing woman with a kind heart, always had a smile on her face, despite the harrowing of her job,” according to sources.

The police had further said, the brave heart attorney may have made herself a target, fighting an elite-pedophile ring.

We definitely believe that she was a target” Lt. Ricardo Vazquez said. ” Why she was a target, we don’t know that yet,” he further added.

Deputy Chief Darryl Tolleson said the 39 year-old alleged killer was also wanted on assault charges, stemming from a separate incident on Sunday, where he allegedly stabbed 2 people.

The officers did not know Browning was a suspect in Huynh’s  murder when they arrested him, according to reports.


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