Pauline Edwards Present Living Condition

Montego Bay (Mckoy’s News)- Pauline Edwards Present Living Condition: Pauline Edwards, an elderly lady whose current abode is a section of Lower Hart Street in Montego Bay, was speaking to the Councillor for the Montego Bay South Division, Richard Vernon about her present living condition.

“I need somewhere to live, I have nowhere to stay, I have to sleep outside.” These were her words to the Councillor as she spoke with him this (September 8, 2017) afternoon.

Ms Edwards, who has four children, two of which are deceased, said she finds it hard to cope with this unfortunate situation she has found herself in. She said she does a little janitorial work from time to time just to stay alive, but the little money she earns cannot pay rent and buy food.

She pointed to a section of lower Hart Street where she has to stay outdoors until in the morning. She said what worries her most is the fear of being raped at night, as you know anything can happen nowadays. When contacted Councillor Vernon said she could get a Food For The Poor house, but she must get a parcel of land for herself in order for the house to be built. ‘If someone could offer her a piece of land, I will make a recommendation for her to get approval for the house.’ said the Councillor.

Ms Edwards is asking anyone out there who can assist her to come forward, she will be very grateful for the help. Her two children are not in a position to help her either. She needs somewhere to live urgently!

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