Pastor Wife Pregnant For Another Man

Dear Mckoy: Pastor Wife Pregnant For Another Man-  I am the wife of a pastor of a well-known church. I will not disclose the parish. Nevertheless, my problem is I am two months pregnant for one of our church brothers.
My husband believes it’s him I’m pregnant for, as he believes me to be 100% of a faithful wife which I am not.

I use to be faithful to my husband but since lately he is always tired and most times complains that I love sex too much.
With his rejection and neglect of my intimate needs, it leads me to be unfaithful.

I confined in a specific brother of our church and so it leads to him always giving me the comfort my husband becomes neglectful of.
We have been going on for a while quietly, but now I’m two months pregnant. And it would be my first child but I’m worried that my husband may find out. I’m not sure what to do.

Pastor wife. JAMAICA.

Dear Pastor Wife: Let me be very brief and frank with you.  As the wife of a pastor, you should be ashamed of yourself for dropping your guards so low.

I suggest you continue to keep it as a secret and bring forth your child. I also suggest you cut pathway with that church brother of yours and show your husband some respect as a wife. 


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