Pastor Peter Chambers Arrested for Public Mischief

A St Ann Pastor who was recently caught on social media pleading the blood of Jesus on Prime Minister, Andrew Holness, and his immediate family, has been taken into custody by the St Ann police and is being questioned on Reasonable Suspicion of Creating Public Mischief.
The Reverend, who has been identified as Peter Chambers, of the Miracle Heading Deliverance Ministries, in St Ann, was taken into custody on Wednesday morning, March 24, at his home in Brown’s Town, St Ann.
He was transported to the St Ann police department where he is now being questioned.
In a recent video released on social media, Chambers is seen lashing out at Prime Minister Andrew Holness, who he accused of going up against the church.
Chambers is also overheard in the video saying, he was given a message from God to deliver to the prime minister, that his firstborn will die in a fire, and that his wife Juliet Holness, will become very ill.
The Clergyman is also overheard sending a message to members of the Andrew Holness-led administration, that God is also angry with them, and warned that death will also come their way.

The police have not yet confirmed if the Reverend has been officially charged.

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