Pastor Charged for Rape After Allegedly Tricking Woman About Casting Out Demons

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The St. Catherine police have arrested and charged a bishop and businessman from St Catherine for rape.

The clergyman is accused of raping a female visitor to his church.

It is being reported that the pastor tricked the woman into having sexual intercourse with him, stating that it was necessary to cast out demons from her body.

He’s also charged for obtaining money by false pretence after he’s accused of tricking the woman into paying him $2,500 to cover costs for the entire arrangements.

He is identified as Winston Campbell, 56-year-old Clergyman of St. Catherine.

According to police reports, the pastor met the woman who was visiting at the Faith Works Church oi God church service, officiated by Campbell in St. Catherine.

Further reports have revealed that pastor convinced the woman into believing that someone had set demons to kill her, and that he would need to help her before she died.

The Bishop reportedly accompanied the female to a motel in the parish, where he informed her that he would need to place a liquid through a condom into her vagina for the demons to be dragged out of her body. While committing the act, he then placed a condom on his penis with the liquid inside, before he had punctured the condom and placed it inside the woman.

Following the allegations, the churchman later accepted $2,500.00 payment from the female, in order to cover the cost of purchasing items for her healing.

A report was made to the police. Mr Campbell was asked to turn himself in to police. He was later accompanied by his attorney to police and was charged.

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