Pastor Beat His Wife After She Attend Conference

Confession: Pastor Beat His Wife After She Attend Conference   I have been following political rallies from my early twenties and I’m now 48 years old.

I am now married to a pastor man who is totally against politics and have never voted.  Therefore, he would never attend a politics meeting and insisted that I stop following up on these rallies.

We are adults with grown children and I personally believe that we should both be free to partake in whatever activities we have at interest as long as its nothing illegal.

Now my husband insisted that I do not attend the rally that was held on Sunday instead we should both go to church or else he was going to take action.  Surprisingly Sunday evening when I got home as I entered our home it was my husband that attacked me, which turned out in a physical fight.

He was beating me so badly.
Luckily our neighbors intervene and ended it.

He then packed my things saying I have to make a choice between church and politics but I am not staying under the same roof with him indulging in politics.

Since then we have been sleeping in separate rooms and have not spoken to each other.

Pastor Wife.    Kingston.

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