Passport Case Hold up by Justices of the Peace Statements

Antonio Mckoy CEO - Mckoy's NewsMontego Bay, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) – Passport Case Hold up by Justices of the Peace Statements:  Two outstanding statements are holding up the case against a St. James man who is alleged to have applied for a passport in another name.

Charged with making a false declaration is Rodney Letford of a St. James address.

When the matter was mentioned in the St. James Parish Court on Thursday, July 13,  the clerk-of-court indicated to Parish Judge Sandria Wong-Small that they were awaiting two statements from two Justices of the Peace. One of the Justices, she said, was old aged and hospitalized, while the other is presently off the island and is expected to return in another two months.

“Is it that the prosecution cannot proceed without these statements?” the judge asked.

In response, the clerk told the judge that a proper review has to be done.

In light of that, Judge Wong-Small instructed the clerk to review the file before setting the matter for mention on August 31.

Letford’s bail was extended.

It is alleged that Letford made an application for a Jamaican passport in the name Rodney Anthony Letford which was issued to him in March 2005.

He then made another application for a passport in the name Damion Robert Thompson which was issued to him on June 10, 2006.

Subsequently,  Letford made an application for the renewal of the first passport.

Following the findings, he was arrested and charged.

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