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Party Ice Delivery Driver Killed Westmoreland 9 Year Old Girl

News Crime Investigator Henry Bucknor

Westmoreland, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News)Driver Killed Westmoreland 9 Year Old Girl: a  minivan driver who delivers party ice is now facing manslaughter charges in the Westmoreland lock-up after he mowed down and killed a 9-year-old student who attends the Georges Plain Primary school in the parish.

The student as been identified as Nicya McCallum, 9-year-old of Frome in Westmoreland.

Driver Killed Westmoreland 9 Year Old Girl

Reports by the Frome police are that, about 4:30 pm on Tuesday, May 30th 2017,  Nicya had just alighted from a minibus which transported her from school to her home in Frome. On reaching the vicinity of her gate, the driver of the passenger bus stopped the oncoming traffic to allow young Nicya to cross the roadway.

Vehicles in the vicinity came to a halt but, the impatient driver of the party ice van, which was traveling directly behind the passenger bus failed to stop.

The driver sped around the parked passenger bus and instantly mowed down Nicya who had just reportedly stepped on a section of the sidewalk leading to her gate.

Angry residents upon witnessing what occurred, chased after the driver of the party ice van; and in a bid to save his own life he jumped from the ill-fated vehicle and ran inside a house where he locked himself inside.

The wounded girl was transported to the Sav la mar Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Meanwhile the angry residents who were unable to get to the bus driver set the bus on fire and immediately blocked sections of the roadway.

Driver Killed Westmoreland 9 Year Old Girl:
Driver Killed Westmoreland 9 Year Old Girl:, Resident Set Minivan on Fire

The Frome police were alerted and upon arrival the bus driver was taken into custody.

Other police officers managed to clear section of the blockades after a while, allowing one lane of traffic to flow.

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