Parts of St Mary ending first day in Quarantine

Annotto Bay, Enfield and Dover, three communities in South East St Mary are ending their first day under quarantine, which took by surprise thousands of people in these communities.

The residents of these and other communities, along a 15-mile stretch close to the sea, are expressing apprehension and general concern about the quarantine and what it will mean to them,

“Me nuh know wha fi say cause we don’t even know if we can go a shop,” said Keisha in an interview with McKoy’s News, in Enfield.

The general concern of people is how they will be able to get food. Many said they have no stocks at home.

The 14-day Quarantine of the communities was announced Thursday morning. Residents said they had noted soldiers talking up positions in Agualta Vale, Grays Inn and at the Dover End of the area, since Wednesday evening but didn’t pay much attention to that.

The Ministry of Health and Wellness said there were 13 positive cases of COVID-19 in St Mary. Reports are that people who have tested positive have been moving around and the fear was that there would be high levels of community transmission.

People told McKoy’s News that two Sundays ago, a don was buried at Annotto Bay Cemetery and some dozens of people attended the funeral, in contravention of social distancing and the Order that no more than 10 people should gather at any event.

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