Panty thief beaten in MoBay

A St James man who reportedly stole more than three dozen panties from clothes lines in Spring Mount in the parish was given a sound trashing by angry females.

Residents said that the man had taken a liking to their panties and would often steal them when they are placed on clothes lines.

“Over a month now mi bee a lose all a har panty dem. One a the time she and har little sister even ketch up because she did think is her little sister a tek dem weh,” a member of the community said.


Angered and feeling violated, the residents say on Tuesday afternoon the decided they had enough. Having seen the pervert surveying panties that were hung on a clothes line in the community earlier that day, they figured it was their moment to strike.

“Inna the 6’0-clock bells wi see the boy a climb ova the fence and walk ova to the clothes. Everybody shock wen wi see him start tek dung every single panty offa the line,” one resident said.

“Him smell every one a dem, and stuff dem inna him pocket. The brute nearly drop dung wen wi jump out from behind the house an hol’ him. A pure lick him get fi mek him know seh him fi stop thief draws.”

One female resident told THE WEEKEND STAR that the freak stole about a dozen and a half panties from her clothes line. She recovered 12 from a bag he had in his possession on Tuesday.

“The man a travel wid a big fine bag full a woman draws weh him thief. A four a wi get back most a wi panty dem,” she stated.

The woman said that she has no intention of wearing the panties that have been recovered.

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