Overjoyed Foota Hype Says Kartel’s Grandchild Brings Glory To Gaza

Foota Hype says he is overjoyed and excited about the recent revelation that Vybz Kartel’s second-born, Likkle Addi, is about to be a father at age 15, declaring the day of the announcement “Gaza Glory Day”.

According to the dancehall selector, he does not care whether he is condemned for his stance, as for him, the teenage star’s is now a champion for ‘straight people, and his little addition to the Gaza clan is a shining example for young people, as it is a slap in the face of celebrities and others whom he said have been forcing the LGBT agenda on children for far too long.

“Some people really a guh say mi mad fi seh dis, but If Kartel son really get a girl pregnant at age 15, mi proud a him; very proud.  Tuh di amount a likkle bwoy weh a tun ‘fish’ an a guh oneside right now, mi proud ah him,” Foota declared triumphantly on his Instagram Live this morning.

“Mi caan cuss.  When mi si Dwayne Wade son a tun fish an a dress up like gyal, mi proud a Addi son. Right now, is a big plus this now fi Kartel.   My son right now a 13.   Yuh think seh if my son breed a gyal, mi a cuss him and tell him seh him duh nuttn wrong?   All him haffi duh a guh look a work fi help teck care a har – simple.   Mi naw cuss my son.   Right now di yute dem haffi start move to vagina,” he added.

In responding to questions from his followers, the self-proclaimed Viral King said if his daughter got pregnant at age 15, he would not be upset, and, as a grandfather, would “teach her to be a great mother and fi how fi teck care a har yute”.

“She coulda guh di next way.  Me rather my daughter breed at 15 dan be a lesbian.  Mi tell anybaddy dat an mi nuh business,” he declared.

“And she (Likkle Addi’s girlfriend) look like she a 15 tuh, suh nuttn nun wrong wid dat.  Wi haffi encourage di yute dem, becaw di way how dem a push b*tty business pon di yute dem, dis is an inspiration to the younger generation,” he continued.

Foota dismissed persons who challenged his argument, as hypocrites, claiming they did not condemn American basketball star Dwayne Wade whose child recently came out as transgender.

“Yuh si dem a allow children fi be children? When di ballgame change, yuh haffi change di ball game.  Yuh nuh see dem a tell four and five year old pickney seh it’s OK fi be a f—–.  You can stay deh a chat up your mouth.  Yuh naw meck nuh sense… Yuh nuh see pon TV dem have drag queen a guh inna di school, a teach di likkle four, five year old pickney dem seh it OK fi be a f—–,” he argued.

“Yuh think seh wi can meck Dwayne Wade pickney dem an Will Smith pickney dem influence di next generation fi be f—– and wi nuh highlight when yute still love vagina?  Mi deh encourage my yute dem fi love cr——.  One a mi son a 12, one a 13 and one a 14 an mi nuh ramp fi tell dem seh: ‘Oi man, whappen tuh oonu ooman?  Yuh nah nuh girl??  One a seh: ‘mi was talking to a girl an me and har break up’.  Mi seh ‘oi, weh di next girl? Caw yuh can lef one girl unless yuh did have one next girl pon di side, suh when you and she break up yuh still have one.  Mi teach my son dem dat.

Labeling Likkle Addi an inspiration, he said the youngster was already earning money, and was standing up to his responsibility, ably aided by his mother Tanesha ‘Shorty’ Johnson.

“Mi proud a Likkle Addi right now; mi rate him.  An mi rate Shorty tuh… Shorty nuh run him weh or cow him dung or nuttn.  Tun up him ting; Keep baby shower.    Mi a nuh hypocrite.  Di man nuh duh nuttn wrong and mi love how him madda embrace him and keep di bay shower meck dem si seh Likkle addi a stan up tuh him responsibility,” Foota said.

“All some artiste wh a cuss Addi, and dem nuh get u yute, and Addi yute come get yute before dem, stop call Teacha name!” he demanded.


Source: Dancehallmag

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